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Car Cut Backs

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The phrase “saving money” and the word “car” don’t seem to fit into the same sentence. Time and time again, car owners wind up spending too much money just to drive back and forth to work each day. Yet, there are plenty of ways that you can make your car work for you – and save a few bucks in the process.
  1. Do you really need to use your car every day? Even if you’re able to leave your car at home once or twice a week, you’ll save money on gas and prolong your car’s life by reducing wear and tear. If you have access to public transportation, that’s a great option. If not, perhaps you can find some friends or family to carpool with. You can even hop on your bicycle and pedal to work if you work close enough to home! 
  2. Take it easy! Road rage is bad for your health, your car, and that guy in front of you. Ease off the brake, stop speeding up for no reason, and take your time getting home – you’ll save money on gas, and you’ll avoid unnecessary fender-benders! 
  3. Take care of necessary repairs. If your tires are out of air and your mirror is dangling, then it’s time to head to the shop. Regular tune-ups can save you a lot of money in the long run – by taking care of those small repairs you’ll save yourself from having to make big repairs down the line! 
  4. You’ll save money if you buy a used car. New cars, while pretty, lose value the minute you drive off of that parking lot. Look at cars that are one to two years old instead of the latest model. 
  5. Buy a car with good gas mileage. Car manufacturers include this information with almost all new car literature. If you’re buying a used car and the seller doesn’t have this info—look it up online before making the purchase. Find out how far your car can go on one tank of gas, and—for your next purchase—think about buying a car that gets great gas mileage. 
  6. Shop around for a low interest rate on a car loan. If you plan on making monthly payments, look for a great deal. If you’re stuck with a high interest rate, keep in mind that you can always refinance your car loan – that’s right, refinancing your car loan is possible! 
Whether you already own a car or you’re in the market for a new one, these simple tips will ensure that your money won’t be thrown out the window. Who knows, you may even discover that you don’t need a car at all! allows the once tedious undertaking of finding the best interest rate on loans to become efficient, simple, and organized by putting the entire experience in one online location where over 160 financial institutions bid for your business. Without any personal information required, consumers are empowered to find the best interest rate hassle-free.

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