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If you're looking to save money on a desktop computer, you're in the right place. Before you get started, review our general tips for saving money on Electronics where we cover such topics as comparison shopping, finding the best coupons and more. Then check this category to get the LOZO on the best ways to get a PC or Mac desktop computer for less.


  • Lowest RAM Memory Prices - Tracking Service
    PriceWatch's price tracking service for all types of RAM for PCs and Macs. They provide a memory advisor tool so you can figure out what type of RAM you need for your computer. They search many different retailers and provide options, sorted by [...]
  • Desktop Computer Buying Guide
    CNET's outline of the basics you need to consider to help you find the right desktop computer
  • Best Desktop Computers
    ConsumerSearch's reviews of the best computers for low budgets, all-in-one, and other desktop needs
  • Desktop Computer Forums
    Consumer Reports' user discussion forums for finding insight into desktop computer options, that will help you make an informed buying decision
  • Cheap Desktops
    Cheapism's selection of cheap desktop computers along with the type of features you can expect to get for your budget
  • Old Desktop Trade-in
    Gazelle's free quotes and program for selling back your used computers, where they send you a box and pay for free shipping
  • Buying Guides & Articles About Desktop Computers
    Yahoo's collection of articles, reviews, tips and more to help you pick the right desktop computers
  • PC Desktop Buying Guide buying guide for PC desktops, explaining what the different features are and how to choose
  • Best Budget Desktops
    ConsumerSearch's list of the top 5 budget desktops
  • PC Desktop Reviews
    Epinions' user reviews of PC desktops by brand, price, and key features
  • Mac Desktop Reviews
    Epinions' user reviews of iMac, Mac mini and Pro desktops
  • Top Rated Desktops
    Walmart's four and five star rated desktops based on buyer feedback (limited to models that they currently have available for sale)
  • Desktop Computer Buying Guide
    Fry's buying guide for choosing a desktop computer, covering everything from the basics to the not-so-basic
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