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Save money on new and used laptops. First be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Computers, covering relevant topics like comparison shopping, reviews, deals, coupons and more. Then review the very best advice here for finding the latest discounts on netbooks and notebooks. Learn how to get more of the features you want, for less.


  • Start with THESE laptop computer reviews
    It's important to to read laptop reviews so you'll understand the pros & cons of a particular model or brand. However it's tricky to find reliable reviews, since many came from paid shills. LOZO recommends these sites because the products are [...]
  • Buy a refurbished laptop
    Many manufacturers repair (or 'refurbish') used or slightly damaged laptops so they can re-sell them. This allows you to buy a high quality laptop at a substantially lower cost than a brand new model. Refurbished models usually even come with a [...]
  • Save on software with Family upgrades

    Now that many homes have multiple PCs - desktops, laptops, netbooks - it's getting very expensive to try to upgrade a whole household.  That's where family discounts come in. Anti-virus software companies were among the first to offer [...]
  • A basic, inexpensive laptop is perfect for most
    Keep in mind that features (and pricing) can vary significantly in laptops, but spending more can be a waste if you don't have any real need for the upgraded features. For most casual users, a basic inexpensive laptop will be more than sufficient [...]
  • Upgrade an older laptop instead of buying a new one
    If you have an old PC, see if it's possible to prolong your laptop's life or do an upgrade on it before you buy a totally new machine.

    Sometimes, adding more memory, upgrading the operating system or unloading years worth of accumulated junk [...]
  • Buy a laptop with a smaller monitor
    In general: the smaller the screen, the cheaper the laptop. Unless you're doing serious film editing or other visual creative work on your laptop, a smaller screen should be sufficient and will save you money.
  • Buy less RAM with your PC and upgrade later
    When you buy a new desktop or laptop, you'll have the option of buying it with its base level of RAM (aka computer memory) or 'upgrading' to get more. Usually, it's cheaper to buy less RAM at the time of your initial purchase and then pick up more [...]
  • Don't overheat your laptop
    Avoid setting your laptop down on soft surfaces such as the bed, couch or a pillow. Soft surfaces like this may block the laptop's air vents causing it to overheat and potentially damaging it. Keep the laptop on hard surfaces when using it and [...]
  • Get free software
    There are three basic types of free software: 1) Available online 2) Download-able to your computer 3) "Free to Try" (aka a trial offer that you'll need to pay for if you continue to use it) Free Online Software These days, you can get a lot of [...]
  • Buy a refurbished computer
    Many manufacturers repair (or 'refurbish') used or slightly damaged computers so they can re-sell them. This allows you to buy a high quality computer at a substantially lower cost than a brand new model. Refurbished models usually even come with [...]
  • Clean your laptop with the appropriate materials
    Many household cleaning supplies can damage your laptop. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use only the materials they recommend. Find more tips to prolong your laptop's life here.
  • Don't overcharge the laptop battery
    Some laptops will run when the battery is removed and they're plugged directly into an outlet. Doing this is a great way to prolong your battery's life (and stave off the need to pay $100 or more on a replacement). It'll also save a couple of [...]
  • Keep your old software boxes & manuals
    If you have the space to store them, your old packages for certain types of software can come in handy. Lots of new virus, security, and other types of software programs often offer an "upgrade" rebate when you buy a new one. To prove that you are [...]
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