Join a video club instead of frequent renting

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If you would otherwise be renting movies one at a time, or spending on a lot of pay-per-view, then a video rental club can offer good value. Grab a free trial at Netflix or Blockbuster (or try both, back-to-back for an even longer free period). But these services don't pay off for everyone. Be realistic about how many movies you will watch each month. Divide that number into the monthly cost of the service to figure out your average price per movie. For example: if you will watch 5 movies a month and the service costs $17.95, then your average price per movie is (17.95 / 5) = $3.59. Make sure this is at least 10-20% cheaper than what it costs for a rental near you, and that you would have paid to rent the 5 movies anyway. Otherwise you're paying too much.

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