Deal debunked: Up to 60% off, plus take an EXTRA 20% off!

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Don't be tricked by misleading deals - get the LOZO! Search for "deal debunked" to get the LOZO on other tricks of the trade.

The "deal"
: "Sale: Up to 60% off, plus take an EXTRA 20% off!"

What it sounds like
: 80% off!

What it's usually really worth
: 30-50% off

How they trick you
: Well you see 60%, and then 20%, so naturally it seems like 80% right? First of all, the “up to 60% off” means that most items probably are discounted a lot less, maybe more like 20-30% off. Then they take the extra 20% off after the discount is already applied, so you are only saving another 15% or so. Here’s an illustration: Item was $100, now on sale for $80. Take an extra 20% off, but take it off the $80 price, so you are really saving $16, not $20.

How you can maximize your savings
: Hunt around for the 60% off items. If the store says “up to 60% off” it means at least some (maybe 1 out of 8) of the items are discounted that much, so keep looking! With the extra 20% off you end up saving 68% in total. Not the 80% it sounded like, but still a great deal!

A LOZO expert posted this tip.


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