Pet Care

Save money on everything you need to take care of your favorite pets. Get discounts on pet food and other products. Find the very best ways to save on veterinarian bills and medications your pet needs.


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  • Don't buy - Adopt!
    There are literally thousands of pure breed dogs and cats available at local shelters. can help you find them. Usually for a small fee ($50) the local shelter will let you take the animal home. Some breed specific rescues may ask [...]
  • Use free resources before calling the vet
    Pet healthcare can be very expensive, as any pet owner knows. There are times when an unplanned trip to the vet is unavoidable, but--other times--you may find what you need from one of the many free resources available to you. Here are some of our [...]
  • Order pet medications online
    Companies like PetCareRX and 1-800-PETMEDS offer medicines and products like flea-prevention at cheaper prices than pet supply stores.
  • Consider discount programs like PetAssure
    PetAssure offers discounts on vet services and pet suppliers from participating vets and retailers. Membership ranges from $6 per month to $149 per year depending on how many large and small animals are covered.
  • Look for low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter clinics
    Some vet clinics offer this after hours or on weekends. Some animal shelters or other non-profits do as well. Check the ASPCA database for a “low cost spay and neuter clinic” in your area.
  • Shop around for a veterinarian
    Compare fees for preventative care and regular visits by asking different vets in your area. Check out university vet clinics which may offer cheaper services without sacrificing quality of care. Humane societies and shelters should also have a [...]
  • Sign up for pet food and supplier website mailing lists
    Retailers and manufacturers often send out email coupons to their subscribers. See this compilation from
  • Look for free obedience courses
    Some city councils offer free obedience courses for puppies. This can save up to $150 for a five-week course.
  • Get cheap meats and bones from the local butcher
    You can get them free or very cheap, and they'll keep your pet’s teeth and gums in great shape.
  • Search for pet food coupons
    Try CouponCat for printable pet coupons, and CouponCabin for coupons at online stores.
  • Look for mobile vaccination clinics
    They usually offer discounted vaccinations. Some vet clinics also have discounted vaccinations one day per week.
  • Look for financial assistance for sick pets
    Certain humane societies and non-profit organizations offer financial aid to owners in need, if their pets have cancer or other debilitating diseases. Some vets have an emergency fund for destitute owners with pet emergencies.
  • Consider the CareCredit card for no interest financing
    CareCredit offers preferred credit terms when paying for medical expenses for your pet (and yourself). Just check the terms and conditions regarding how long you can wait to pay your bills before finance fees kick in.
  • Consider pet insurance, but know your options
    It works similarly to human health insurance, with deductibles and co-pays. Monthly payments started while your pet is healthy may save hundreds to thousands if a serious illness strikes. Do research, compare plans and make sure to read all the fine [...]
  • See if your employer offers pet health insurance
    Many large companies offer pet health insurance for their employees. You will pay for it, but will get a discount because you are part of a larger group.
  • Ask the vet for discounts
    Some vets waive the first exam fee and provide free visits for rescued pets. Some also offer senior owner discounts, senior pet discounts and multi-pet discounts. It's always worth asking.
  • Ask your vet for a payment plan
    If you’ve established a rapport with your vet, see if he or she will allow you to go on a payment plan instead of paying for all services up front. It might not lower the total costs, but it can spread out the financial burden to make it easier to [...]
  • Trade with your vet
    See if your vet would consider trading services if you are a tradesperson or have a skill-in-demand. Setup their computer network, paint their office, handle their legal needs or whatever you are qualified to offer.
  • Ask your vet to waive fees for rechecks
    Abnormal blood, urine or stool samples may require rechecks within a week or two. Sometimes these checks are shorter than a regular exam. Ask for a discount.
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