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4 Tips to Save You $1,000 Every Year!

Submitted by a LOZO expert
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An average American family of four spends $239 per week on groceries.  That’s over $12,000 per year! 

The good news is that by spending one hour today and a few minutes each week, you can easily save $1,000 each year.  

How?  Simply by using digital grocery coupons.  For example, you can get $250 worth of grocery coupons from Betty Crocker--and they're just one of over 400 reputable coupon sources available online!

Even better, you can use online services like to make finding coupons even easier.  LOZO finds coupons for the items on your grocery list.  All you need to do is print them or add them to your savings card. 

Here are the four tips—they’ll take you less than an hour.

1.  Sign-Up with Your Favorite Brands
5 minutes
Many brands only offer coupons if you sign-up with them.  Luckily, it takes just a few seconds and you only need to do it once!  Then, you’re eligible for coupons all year long.  Here are a couple of our favorites:
  • Betty Crocker: 30 seconds.  Up to $250 in savings each year.
  • P&G: 2 minutes. 
  • Look for similar offers from your other favorite brands.

2.  Enable E-Coupons
10 minutes
In addition to printable coupons, there are hundreds of e-coupons too.  These coupons require no printing and are added directly to your store loyalty card.  And, like the brand websites—do it once and you’re eligible for savings year round!

3.  Join Grocery Store Loyalty Programs  
20 minutes
When you join your grocery store’s loyalty program, they’ll share special deals with you on a regular basis.  Some stores even allow you to “stack” coupons on top of some of these deals to save even more money.

There are far too many stores for us to list them all.  See a few favorites below and be sure to check with your favorite store about their loyalty programs.

4.  Keeping Saving. Every. Single. Week.
15 minutes, each week
Enter your grocery list at  LOZO will find coupons that match the items on your grocery list and will email you when more are available.  You’ll never have to search for a coupon again!

Or, browse 1,400 grocery coupons compiled from over 400 reputable brand and coupon websites.  LOZO has brought them all into one simple experience so it’s easy to find exactly what you want!  Use these coupons each week to keep on saving.

So, there you have it—a simple way to save $1,000 every year!


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