Consider newer second-hand appliances

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Garage, moving or estate sales, newspaper ads, second-hand stores and even your local retailer are all great places to search for second-hand appliances. These are almost always cheaper than brand new ones. Sometimes a one- or two-year-old appliance may have another 10 years of life in it. If buying refurbished, buy a brand with a reliable reputation and try to get a warranty from the retailer. If you do buy used from a garage sale or second-hand store, plug the appliance in to make sure it works. Online auctions are another option, but be sure to include shipping and delivery charges when calculating the total price, and get a guarantee that the appliance actually works. Find out the original (new) price of the appliance you are interested in, to see if you are really getting a bargain. Be more wary of older appliances which might cost you lots more in electricity costs, offsetting any great deal you get on the purchase price.

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