Check the sofa quality to get the best deal

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There are many things to look for when buying a quality sofa. It doesn't have to be name brand, just good quality. Make sure arms are well-padded and do not jiggle, patterns and stripes in the fabric match at the seams, seams are straight and neat, any moving parts are clear of the fabric to avoid tearing, any metal parts are smooth and clear of sharp edges, and it has a UFAC fire safety standard tag. The frame should be sturdy and well-supported, with special attention paid to the joints and corners. Make sure the back of the sofa is not hollow, and the seats do not sag. The sofa should be comfortable, easy to get up from, not too big or too small and in a color and/or pattern you like and can live with for a long time. Stay away from patterns and colors that are a fad - popular today but out of style tomorrow. The best value sofa will be a high-quality sofa that you really like, and one that will last for years.

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