Homeowners Insurance

Save money on your homeowners insurance policy. Cut your monthly costs by finding the right policy, with the right coverage, for less.


  • Check your qualifications - you might be entitled to a discount
    Discounts vary, but can include your age (seniors, students), affiliations (professional, academic), even your non-smoking "status." Ask your agent or insurance company what they offer, and make sure you get all you are entitled to.
  • Get credit for safety features you already have installed
    Typically insurers will offer discounts - as high as 15-20% - for an installed home security system, so if you have one already be sure to let them know to cash in on the savings. Tell them when it was installed, to potentially qualify for a [...]
  • Get an instant refund with a higher deductible
    You can save money right now by increasing the deductible (how much you have to pay if something goes wrong) on your insurance policy. This could reduce your premium by up to 25%. Better yet, if you have already prepaid your premium and make this [...]
  • Combine your insurance to save 10% or more
    Ask your insurance company (or each of them) if they offer a multi-line discount. This means you save when using the same insurance company for both auto and homeowner's insurance. It could be worth 10% on BOTH of your policies.
  • Get your insurance quote before you buy
    Countless factors go in to calculating the cost of homeowner's insurance: location, neighborhood, age of the home, age of the electrical, plumbing and heating systems, proximity to emergency services, and more. So even though two homes may have the [...]
  • Even high-risk area homes might qualify for cheap private insurance
    Homes in areas at high risk for floods, crime or other problems might normally have trouble being insured, but it's still worth checking with an agent. If you can score a policy you might save a lot compared to a government sponsored "high-risk" [...]
  • Rethink monthly payment plans for insurance
    Check your bill when it comes to see if your insurance company charges extra for paying monthly instead of all at once/twice a year. If you are not sure, try multiplying the monthly rate by 12 and see if it's more than the annual rate. If you can [...]
  • Insure your house, not the land
    Your homeowner's policy will probably advise that you have sufficient replacement coverage on your home. In fact, your mortgage company will probably insist on it, so you can't really cut back on that. This means that the insurance will cover the [...]
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