Get a week-long condo or house rental for less than a hotel

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In popular vacation destinations like Orlando, travelers can often find a week-long condo or holiday property rental for less than the price of a 3- or 4-night stay at a hotel. In addition to savings, these properties tend to have more amenities than a standard hotel room, such as additional bedrooms (which makes doubling up with friends more affordable and comfortable) and kitchens (which makes preparing meals easier and less expensive). Try and for a wide selection.

Another great vacation option is renting a timeshare. Basically, timeshares let people "own" a condo or apartment for one week per year. You can then trade your week with someone else if you want to change vacation spots. But for people just looking to get away one time without the long-term commitment, you can rent a timeshare just like a hotel or condo. Try, Skyauction, and the TUG (Timeshare User's Group) marketplace, as well as sites like Ebay and

Enjoy your stay!

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posted by travelgurl (Contributor | 190 Points) on 03-08-2010 06:03 PM
great idea
Grab a few friends and rent a house together!
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