Cut your electric bill each month by following these great ways to save. Check out advice from experts and organizations dedicated to helping you get smart about how to reduce electricity usage.

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  • CFL (light bulb) savings calculator
    CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs savings calculator provided by This is an Excel file you can download to calculate savings from switching your conventional incandescent bulbs to energy-saving CFLs. You provide inputs and the [...]
  • Saving Electricity Guide (from "Mr. Electricity")
    Michael Bluejay's comprehensive overview of all-things electricity with electricity cost calculators and savings charts, explanations of common terms like "kilowatt hour", a guide to reading your meter, and much more
  • Electricity Price Comparison Search Engine tool for comparing electricity prices of service providers in your area; note that in some areas only one service provider is available so no comparison is offered
  • Computer Energy Saving Guide charts of how much energy is used by your computer, monitor, printer and router, based on whether computers are in use, asleep, off, or unplugged
  • Electricity Wattage Usage and Cost Calculator
    Michael Bluejay's ("Mr. Electricity") detailed chart of wattages for a wide range of devices, and a robust but easy-to-use calculator for calculating electricity costs of each item
  • Average Electricity Costs Based on Powered Items
    Consumers Power Inc. simplified calculator to estimate kilowatt hours and electricity costs based on how many "electrically powered items" of each type you use in your home
  • Yearly Electricity Use Calculator simple calculator for estimating the monthly and yearly cost of various appliances based on hours of use
  • kWh Energy Savings Calculator calculator to find the kilowatt hour value and cost of various common electronic devices, with space to input your own values for expected usage
  • Electric Choice Informational Websites (by State) list of links to various websites that discuss how you can choose electricity providers, if available in your state
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