What is LOZO?

LOZO’s goal is to save you money!

As seen on The Dr. Oz Show, TLC's Extreme Couponing, Good Morning America and more, LOZO saves you money is by helping you find grocery coupons that are right for you.

There are plenty of coupon websites you can visit one at a time, but LOZO is the only way to find reliable grocery coupons from hundreds of trustworthy sites and brands all over the web, listed all in one place. Even better: just enter your grocery list at LOZO.com and we’ll email you links to coupons that match the items on your list. Pretty cool, right?

For more information on these services and how LOZO works, please visit our FAQs page. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that LOZO is completely free!

LOZO also offers other ways to save, such as money-saving tips on more than 75 every day categories.

LOZO’s Story

LOZO’s founder, Jeff Kaplan, comes from a long line of male couponers, starting with his grandfather and continuing on to his children.

With the recent economic downturn, Jeff saw many hard-working people in his community struggling with financial uncertainty. Knowing how good he was at getting more “bang for his buck”, his friends and family were often coming to him for money-saving advice.

Realizing there were few places for them to turn, Jeff teamed up with his brother Dan and family friend Andy to create a simple and easy way to help his friends and family save money.

And what better way to do this than with grocery coupons? We shop for groceries each and every week. By using coupons, we can reduce our bill by 20-40%, saving as much as $1,000 each year!

We built LOZO so our family, friends, community and you can find simple ways to save money.

LOZO’s Management Team

We are a talented team of money-saving experts who have a unique advantage. We’re really good at finding the best deals AND our years of experience working for big businesses give us the inside edge on how to avoid the tricks companies use to get you to spend more.

Jeff Kaplan is LOZO’s founder and CEO. Jeff combines his passion for saving money with 15 years retail & CPG professional experience at McKinsey & Company, Ann Taylor and Procter & Gamble, and entrepreneurial success at Campus24 (read the Forbes article about Jeff's experience at Campus24). Jeff does most of the grocery shopping (with coupons, of course!) for his wife and three kids, and is a regular at Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, and CVS in the New Jersey suburbs. Jeff graduated from the Wharton School of Business – University of Pennsylvania.

Andy Scully is LOZO’s Marketing Director. Andy wields his money-saving research skills to get the best value on just about everything in Manhattan, and wields his website expertise from Ann Taylor, J.Crew and Tarte Cosmetics to create the best possible user experience on LOZO. Andy received an MA from Columbia University and graduated from Hamilton College.

Dan Kaplan is LOZO’s Creative Director. Dan’s savvy grocery coupon skills have extreme couponing potential, but he puts most of his energy into outstanding design work for LOZO, and prior clients like Disney, Brown Forman, and Costco. Dan received an MA from Swinburne University and graduated from Duke University.

Spread the Word

The more we grow, the better coupons we can get, and the more we can help you save. So help us spread the word!

  • Tell your friends, family & co-workers
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Just keep passing along this simple advice: if you want to save dough, GET THE LOZO.


Jeff, Andy, Dan and the LOZO team