Whether you're trying to save money on buying a car, renting a car or repairing a car you already own, LOZO is here to help. And we don't stop there! We'll also give you the LOZO on how to save on gasoline, auto insurance and more.




  • Getting regular oil changes for your vehicle is the most important thing you can do to keep your car running smoothly and to get the best gas mileage. They can save you anywhere from $500 to...
  • It is much cheaper to pay for regular tune-ups than to pay for costly repairs that can result from your car breaking down – and breaking down is much more likely if the car is not properly...
  • A poorly tuned vehicle is less efficient and wastes gas. Similarly, clogged air filters lead to poor air flow & dirty oil decreases performance – both of which worsen gas mileage. Keep your car...
  • Save money on car rental insurance by checking with your regular insurance & credit card companies – you may already be covered.

    Many car insurance policies cover you in any car you...

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