Buying a Car

Find the very best advice to save money on a new or used car. Get the LOZO on car price negotiation. Learn the invoice and even more importantly the true bottom line cost for dealers. Read about other strategies to help you cut costs. Get discounts on the car you want, and then learn about how to be a smart shopper for options like warranties.


  • Money-Saving Hybrids "With one out of three car buyers considering a hybrid, we crunch the numbers to see which hybrids will save you the most money."
  • Manual Vs. Automatic "Stick shifts can give you better gas mileage. How much can they save you? Consumer Reports ran the tests."
  • How to Buy a New Car From a Dealer "It's easy to be enamored with the latest, trendy model and it may very well be what you want. But it's a better idea to target the car which will serve your needs, for now and in the future. So VideoJug provides you with tips on how [...]
  • How to Find Your Ideal Car "You know what car you want, so here's a video showing you how you go about getting it...six different alternatives to finding your ideal car."
  • How to Buy a Car Using the Internet "Buying cars online lets you shop for the car you want, with less hassle."
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