1 MPG = $100/year

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While it is always smart to shop for a good deal on the price of a car, don't forget the savings that can add up from getting better fuel mileage as well. And the higher gas prices get, the more this impacts your wallet. The cost of operating your car each year (gas, insurance, maintenance & repairs) can eventually add up to more than the price you pay to buy it!

If you drive the average of 12,000 miles/year, and pay $2.65 per gallon of gas, you'll save $104 per year just by getting 18MPG instead of 17MPG! Look for more efficient cars with better MPG ratings, and read more LOZO tips on how to save money on gasoline and how to maximize the mileage of any car.

Some cars offer different models at different fuel efficiencies (e.g., with higher performance engines that can better optimize gas mileage in highway driving). Keep the potential fuel cost savings in mind when evaluating whether to pay for the upgrade, using the $1 MPG = $100/year rule as a guide.

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