Lighten the load, not your pocketbook - clean out the car and save money on gas

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The heavier a vehicle is, the more gas it consumes. Clean out your car and relocate items to the garage that you don't need to transport regularly. This will make your car lighter to drive and will save you money on gas.

You can improve fuel efficiency by 1-2% for each 100 pounds of weight you remove from the car, according to the Department of Energy. That means 1-2% savings in your pocket. At an average of 600+ gallons of gas used by the average car, at a price of $3 per gallon, that's $20 - $40 savings for removing some dead weight.

Similarly, avoid driving with a roof rack unless you are using it to carry items for a trip - the wind resistance it causes significantly lowers gas mileage. This can cost you 5% on your fuel efficiency, or $100 - $200 per year. You'll be better off putting the items inside the car for that trip (if you can fit them), just remember to empty them out later to capture the "light load" savings!

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