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Get the LOZO on buying a new GPS for less. Find discounts on GPS devices and smart ways to get from here to there without spending more than you need to. Be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Electronics as well. That section covers relevant topics like comparison shopping, product reviews, finding great deals and more.


  • GPS Buying Guide
    CNET's reviews and advice on Global Positioning Systems, GPS accessories, handheld GPS, and more
  • Cheap GPS Devices
    Cheapism's selection of low-cost GPS along with a buying guide
  • GPS Forums
    Consumer Reports' forums with valuable insight and tips you'll need to know before buying a GPS
  • Old GPS Trade-in
    Gazelle's free quotes and program for selling back your used GPS devices and more, where they send you a box and pay for free shipping
  • Auto GPS Expert Reviews
    ConsumerSearch's reviews of the best GPS devices for your automobile
  • Handheld GPS Expert Reviews
    ConsumerSearch's reviews of the best handheld GPS devices for camping and more
  • GPS Reviews
    Epinions' user reviews of GPS devices by brand, price, and special features
  • Your Roadmap to GPS Devices
    RadioShack's explanation of what a GPS is, how GPS devices work and what you should look for before buying one
  • Free GPS Maps (Parks, etc.)
    Travel by GPS' collection of free, downloadable GPS maps (that can be transferred to your GPS device) for hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, and on- and off-road sightseeing
  • GPS Information Compilation comprehensive collection of frequently updated links to GPS reviews, fee and free software downloads, technical assistance, digital maps, and anything else GPS related
  • Buying Guides & Articles: GPS
    Yahoo's collection of articles, reviews, tips and more to help you pick the right GPS
  • How to Choose a GPS system
    Sears' outline of what to consider when buying a GPS and makes some recommendations on which models they think are the best
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