Maintenance & Repairs

Save money on car repairs and auto maintenance. Get the LOZO on how to get a good deal from your mechanic and what a fair price should be for the service you need. Learn how to save money by doing some basic maintenance yourself, and what the most cost-effective options are for taking care of your car.


  • 8 Ways Your Family Can Save at the Gas Pump
    Summer is a wonderful time to travel with your family, and AAA has been reporting record numbers of us are taking car trips to get to our destination. Gas prices are not quite as high as they were in the spring, but they can still put a dent in any [...]
  • Car Cut Backs
    The phrase “saving money” and the word “car” don’t seem to fit into the same sentence. Time and time again, car owners wind up spending too much money just to drive back and forth to work each day. Yet, there are plenty of ways that you [...]
  • Are You a Nascar Fan? Check Out These Tips.
    If you're a Nascar fan, you're probably tuning into the Friday night Nascar Nationwide race (9/10/10 7pm ET ESPN2) at Richmond International Raceway. The event is headlined by Virginia 529 College Savings, a perfect fit with LOZO's mission to [...]
  • How to Extend the Life of Your Car tips to keep a car running smoothly and efficiently, with instructions on how to perform some of the important tasks
  • Eight Easy Jobs to Save $600. overview of eight simple car maintenance jobs, with links to instructions for each job
  • Five Car Maintenance Jobs You Can Do Yourself guide to simple car maintenance tasks that can be performed without a mechanic's help
  • Make Your Car Last 250,000 Miles
    MSN's guide to making a car last longer with simple, routine maintenance steps
  • Maintain Your Car guide to the essential things to check in order to keep a car running smoothly for a long time
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