Whether you're trying to save money on buying a car, renting a car or repairing a car you already own, LOZO is here to help. And we don't stop there! We'll also give you the LOZO on how to save on gasoline, auto insurance and more.


  • Simple Loan Calculator | Buying a Car
    Use this simple loan calculator to figure out the monthly payment on any loan. Enter the interest rate and the loan term (# of years).
  • Car Reviews and Ratings
    Consumer Reports' database of consumer reviews on new and used cars, along with car prices, maintenance information, and more
  • Comprehensive Automotive Resource comprehensive resource for all things automotive, including new and used car information, comparison tools, videos, tips, advice and cost calculators
  • Fuel Economy Rating Tool tool for comparing fuel economy ratings for many car models, including annual fuel costs, with additional fuel-saving tips and links to help find the cheapest gas prices in your area
  • Vehicle History Reports tool for conducting vehicle history searches and providing detailed reports
  • Ultimate Automotive Marketplace database of cars for sale and local dealers, tools for researching cars, selling a car and information on loans and insurance
  • Car Buying Guide and Database database of new and used cars for sale, car dealers, finance advice and more
  • Kelley Blue Book Auto Guide
    Kelley Blue Book's database of everything automobile related, from car prices to tips to fuel economy information
  • Vehicle History Reports tool for conducting checks on cars, focusing on titles, problems, odometers and accidents
  • Auto Database
    AOL's database of new and used cars, gas station finder, car news and articles, and more
  • Automotive Resource Database database of and links to automotive resource websites including car dealerships, car maintenance facilities and fuel economy ratings
  • Automotive Encyclopedia database of automotive topics and articles covering car price information, new car reviews, car safety information and more
  • AAA official site
    AAA's website with information on membership, roadside assistance, travel and auto insurance
  • Best and Worst Fuel Economy Tests and Results
    Consumer Reports' compilation of vehicles with good and poor gas mileage in a number of different categories, based on real world test conditions
  • Automotive Reviews database of reviews and guides to buying new and used cars and car accessories
  • Car Reviews and Guides
    eBay's reviews and guides for all things automotive
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