Consider Free Tax Filing Options

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Paying taxes is frustrating enough, but paying to pay your taxes makes it feel even worse! If you're getting a head start on filing your 2010 taxes, you'll want to consider some free filing options. Generally speaking these services offer free federal tax preparation and e-filing using online software. They're hoping you'll pay for extra services that many of us need: state filing, tax return printouts, and audit/reviews.

For people with uncomplicated tax situations, free filing can save $50 or more each year as an alternative to buying tax software. However you need to consider whether using an accountant can save you enough extra on taxes to offset the additional expense of professional expertise.

Try one of these services from a reputable provider:

You can also take advantage of free IRS live telephone assistance at 1-800-829-1040 for any tax filing questions you may have, no matter what service you use. Many local community centers offer free tax help from certified professionals for people making below a minimum income threshold or meeting other criteria.

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