Checking & Savings

Save money - or earn more - by picking the best checking account or best savings account for your needs. Cut back on unnecessary fees and find the best rates.


  • Decline My Debit Card, Please
    Liz Pulliam Weston at "A $30 overdraft on a $2 bottle of water? No wonder banks don't reject purchases when you haven't got enough in your account. Turns out most of us don't want this 'courtesy'."
  • How To Write A Check
    Jonathon E. Stewart at "See how to fill out checks, and learn what all the numbers on checks indicate."
  • How To Balance A Checkbook
    Jonathon Stewart at "Sure you can always pop into your bank account online, but keeping track of your checking account offline provides a valuable paper record - not to mention a manual wake up call of your actual spending. Learn one easy [...]
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