Save up your points and rewards to get better payouts

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Accumulating points is a double-edged sword: wait too long and if you forget about them, they could expire. Redeem too early and miss out on better payout rates with higher point balances.

If you keep good track of expiration dates and rules for your points program, it usually pays to accumulate a lot of points before cashing in, in order to get the better payouts. For example, it's common that 60 points might buy a $50 gift card, but 100 points buys a $100 one. If you bought two smaller ones instead of saving up you'd end up paying 120 points for 2 $50 gift cards, or 20% more than if you had waited.

Check your program's rewards and try changing the quantity of points to see what the payout is at a higher rate.

A LOZO expert posted this tip.


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