Credit Cards

Learn about the very best credit card offers. Save money on fees and earn more money by finding the best rewards to match your purchasing habits. Avoid common credit card mistakes. Get the LOZO on credit card deals, whether your monthly routine is to carry a balance or to pay in full. Learn how to get the most value out of prepaid debit cards that you buy or receive as part of a rebate. Also find out how to get deals on gift cards, and how to cash out ones you already own.


  • Free Annual Credit Report - Official Site is the only official site to download a FREE credit report once every 12 months from each of the three credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. You won't get a credit score with this report, but you do [...]
  • Credit Score Estimator
    FiLife's free tool for estimating a range of possible credit scores based on your credit history
  • Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards message board for user-updated listing of credit cards with the best balance transfer options (0% APR or other low rates)
  • Ask a Credit Counselor
    MSN's message board hosted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling to answer consumer credit questions
  • Best Rewards Credit Cards message board for user-updated listings of the top rewards credit cards for general, category-specific (e.g., gas) and store-specific purchases
  • Credit Card Signup Bonus Maximization program to collect multiple signup bonuses (cash and more) from new credit card applications
  • Credit Score Calculator
    WalletPop's free tool for estimating your potential credit score range
  • Credit Card Calculators
    WalletPop's collection of credit card calculators - from interest rate to rewards comparisons and more
  • Credit Card Payoff Calculator
    Use this simple credit card payoff calculator to figure out how many months it will take you to pay off your credit card. Enter your credit card balance, interest rate, and monthly payment to calculate how many months it will take to [...]
  • Simple Loan Calculator
    Use this simple loan calculator to figure out the monthly payment on any loan. Enter the interest rate and the loan term (# of years).
  • Money Crashers Financial Fitness Blog
    Helpful source of blog posts and articles to help you make financially sound decisions about investing, spending, and more. Good selection of unique content from staff writers as well as hand-picked articles from across top advice websites.
  • What Is My Projected Cash Flow?
    FiLife's guided calculator for determining your personal budget of income and expenses and see if you are running 'in the red or the black' each month, and how this will change based on growth assumptions for the future
  • How Long Will It Take to Pay Off My Credit Card?
    FiLife's calculator to figure out how long it will take to pay off a debt based on APR and payments made
  • Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator calculator to determine how much interest you can save by transferring a balance to a lower interest rate card (called "optimizing" your debt)
  • Calculate Average Daily Balance With Free Spreadsheet
    No Credit Needed's free-to-download spreadsheet that will help you calculate average daily balance, impact of purchases and payments, impact of timing your payments, and amount of interest charged during a particular cycle
  • Debt Payoff Calculator calculator to determine the impact of consolidating debt balances into a single loan
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