Credit Cards

Learn about the very best credit card offers. Save money on fees and earn more money by finding the best rewards to match your purchasing habits. Avoid common credit card mistakes. Get the LOZO on credit card deals, whether your monthly routine is to carry a balance or to pay in full. Learn how to get the most value out of prepaid debit cards that you buy or receive as part of a rebate. Also find out how to get deals on gift cards, and how to cash out ones you already own.


  • Boost Your Credit Score
    Liz Pulliam Weston at "Your credit score is incredibly important in your financial life. Simple tips to boost your credit score."
  • New Rules Of Post Credit Cards
    CNBC's Carmen Wong Ulrich, and John Ulzheimer at "Consumers will gain more rights when it comes to their credit cards."
  • Smart Uses For Credit Cards
    Stacy Johnson at MoneyTalks: "Credit cards can really get you into trouble. But they can also be a huge help. You just need to know when to pull that puppy out."
  • Are Credit Card Protection Plans Worth It?
    Stacy Johnson at "Protection plans will make your payments if you lose your job, but are they worth it?"
  • Stop Fees From Draining Your Cash
    Carmen Wong Ulrich at "Costly credit cards … rates continue to go up, limits are going down, and owning that piece of plastic is now costlier than it's been in years."
  • Decline My Debit Card, Please
    Liz Pulliam Weston at "A $30 overdraft on a $2 bottle of water? No wonder banks don't reject purchases when you haven't got enough in your account. Turns out most of us don't want this 'courtesy'."
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