Learn how to save money on your investments. Get the LOZO on cutting fees to earn higher returns on your investment dollars. Click on Resources for useful bond and IRA calculators, and determine whether it is worthwhile to pay the fee to switch to a CD with a better rate.


  • IRA Calculators
    WalletPop's collection of IRA and Roth IRA calculators to determine which type of IRA is best for you, and how much to contribute
  • Bond Calculators
    WalletPop's collection of bond calculators, from yield-to-maturity to coupon rates and more
  • CD Switching Calculator
    MSN's calculator to see how long it will take you to come out ahead by switching to a higher-rate CD (and paying early withdrawal penalties)
  • Simple Loan Calculator
    Use this simple loan calculator to figure out the monthly payment on any loan. Enter the interest rate and the loan term (# of years).
  • Money Crashers Financial Fitness Blog
    Helpful source of blog posts and articles to help you make financially sound decisions about investing, spending, and more. Good selection of unique content from staff writers as well as hand-picked articles from across top advice websites.
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