Learn how to save money on your investments. Get the LOZO on cutting fees to earn higher returns on your investment dollars. Click on Resources for useful bond and IRA calculators, and determine whether it is worthwhile to pay the fee to switch to a CD with a better rate.


  • Maximize your employer "match" for bonus retirement money
    Check with your HR/benefits department to see if your employer offers a 401(k) match program where they add onto your retirement savings. If they do, think of it like a free money bonus for your retirement and try to maximize that match (i.e., put [...]
  • Do the math to pick the right type of IRA
    Since the tax laws for IRA conversions changed in 2010, now is as good a time as ever to consider which type of investment will make the most money for you in the long run.

    The basic types of IRAs are Roth and Traditional. A key difference [...]
  • Plan investment transactions carefully to minimize taxes
    The difference between short term (less than 1 year) and long term capital gains taxes, the tax you pay on any gains on your investments, can be significant especially in higher tax brackets. Be smart about when to sell - if you are close to the [...]
  • "Invest" in paying down debt, for high "returns"
    If you are paying high interest rates on debt, beyond what you stand to earn on your investments, you might come out ahead by redirecting those investment dollars towards debt reduction. Consider that if you are paying 20% a year on your credit card [...]
  • Savings bonds often pay more, with less tax, than savings accounts
    Savings bonds aren't just for kids; they can provide anyone with a low risk investment alternative to savings accounts, CDs or high-yield checking accounts, and are less restrictive than you might think. Plus, they often pay higher interest rates [...]
  • Watch your fees when you make investments
    After you decide what type of investment is right for you, there's still a chance to save money and therefore increase your payout. Always check the fees associated with buying, selling, or holding an investment. If you are going to buy stocks on [...]
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