Read the best tips & articles for saving money on taxes. Cut your tax bill by planning right and taking advantage of all of the benefits already available to you. Learn how to prepare and file your taxes for free if you qualify.


  • Consider Free Tax Filing Options
    Paying taxes is frustrating enough, but paying to pay your taxes makes it feel even worse! If you're getting a head start on filing your 2010 taxes, you'll want to consider some free filing options. Generally speaking these services offer free [...]
  • Tax refunds are actually bad investments
    It's fun to get a tax refund each year, but really you are just getting your money back from the government who has been keeping it (and keeping the interest you should have gained) all year long. Check your withholdings to try to keep more money [...]
  • Plan investment transactions carefully to minimize taxes
    The difference between short term (less than 1 year) and long term capital gains taxes, the tax you pay on any gains on your investments, can be significant especially in higher tax brackets. Be smart about when to sell - if you are close to the [...]
  • Don't forget to claim tax benefits on home energy improvements
    Improving your home's energy efficiency saves money each month on your utility bill, and can also mean a free bonus from the IRS. Check out the list at for the latest credits which can offset your purchase costs. Check with your [...]
  • Take advantage of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
    If your employer offers health insurance, check if you can take advantage of an FSA. These accounts let you take a tax deduction on money you put aside for health care. Since you are going to spend the money anyway, this is a great way to cut back [...]
  • Savings bonds often pay more, with less tax, than savings accounts
    Savings bonds aren't just for kids; they can provide anyone with a low risk investment alternative to savings accounts, CDs or high-yield checking accounts, and are less restrictive than you might think. Plus, they often pay higher interest rates [...]
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