For accessories, it's better to go with lesser-known brands or even generic

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I know, I know, we told you that brand name electronics are often better than generic electronics. Well, we stand by this for the main purchase. For accessories and various supporting items, however, brand names often cost a lot more for little-to-no added performance. For example: a popular name brand HDMI cable may cost $20-60, but the same cable from a lesser known company could be half that or even less. The performance, however, should be indistinguishable.

Check your preferred electronics store, Ebay or Amazon for modestly priced options.  Big box retailers like Walmart, Sears & Target also carry a selection of generic accessories along with more expensive ones.

Dollar stores often carry a range of basic cables and accessories in stock for popular electronics.  We also like online vendors like Meritline, Dealextreme and eForCity for big discounts and a wide selection with free shipping (note that it can take 2-4 weeks to receive your product).  Just keep in mind that cheaper options might not survive the same level of wear and tear as higher end ones, but you'll still come out way ahead even factoring in replacements.

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