Buy "open box" or floor model electronics

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Buying "open box" and floor model electronics can be a great way to get new or nearly new items at a discounted price. Check with retailers to see if they offer either. "Open box" items are items that work perfectly well, but were returned by another consumer for some reason. (These are different from defective items, which can't be re-sold, but must be returned to the distributor). Since they've already been opened, however, they're usually offered at a lower price. Floor models can be another good steal. Since they've been on display in the store, they may have a little wear-and-tear, but it's usually minimal (after all, they have to look presentable enough to be a floor model). Similar to "open box" items, these items should have a reduced price. When buying either an "open box" item or floor model, be sure to ask the retailer about the warranty and return policy. Often, it will be the same as when purchasing a new item, but you want to be sure that's the case. Also, make sure you get all the right accessories and cables that are supposed to come with the item. You don't want to bring that new--and cheap!--flat screen TV home only to find that you're missing the remote!

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