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Comparison shopping is one of the best ways to find the lowest possible price...on anything. Although we're focusing on electronics in this tip, it's applicable to virtually any shopping you do, so be sure to keep it in mind!

Ok, so you've read the most reliable electronics reviews and have narrowed it down to the one or two products that meet your needs. Now it's time to comparison shop to find the best price. Following are the best places to start:
  • Top Search Engines: Three of the top shopping comparison sites are Shopzilla, BizRate and PriceGrabber. These sites scan the internet to find all of the retailers who sell the product you want to buy and the price they're selling it for. This saves you a lot of leg work and gives you confidence that the best price is actually as good as it gets. Each of these three sites will return similar results, so we recommend you use the site that think is easiest to use. (In fact, Shopzilla and BizRate will return identical results since they're owned by the same company).
  • Product Review Sites: Many reputable electronics review sites will also have their own comparison shopping tools, so they're a great place to look as well.
  • Find Your Own: There's no shortage of great comparison tools online these days, so feel free to do your own exploring. You may find that a smaller site will meet your needs just as well--or better--than some of the more well-known sites. 
Remember to figure in all related costs (such as shipping fees) and additional discounts (such as coupons) to evaluate the best final price. Some comparison sites do this for you, but not all!

If you have a particular store you like, but they're not offering the best deal: ask them if they'll price match. Sometimes they will even if it's not their "official" policy to do so.

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