Before you dig in to find all the best ways to save money on camcorders, be sure to read LOZO's general tips for saving money on Electronics. That section covers broader topics such as comparison shopping, product reviews, finding great deals and more. If you're looking for specific tips to save money on camcorders, though, this is the place to be.


  • Always read these camcorder reviews before buying
    Be sure to read video camcorder reviews so you'll understand the pros & cons of a particular camcorder and to give you an overall sense of what's available. For a professional assessment, visit CNet, ConsumerSearch, Consumer Reports, or Top Ten [...]
  • Choose a camcorder based on how you'll use it
    Prices for digital camcorders range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand. It's easy to get caught up in the array of available features, and lose track of what is really good value for your needs.

    If you're just using it for fun [...]
  • Choose accessories based on your budget & your primary needs
    Factor the essential accessories into your budget. Do you want a carrying case? An extra battery? Other lenses? Think about where you’ll be taking your camcorder and what you’ll need. If you don't need an accessory right now, don't buy it right [...]
  • Use PriceGrabber or do your own price comparisons
    PriceGrabber is a great comparison shopping site. They'll show you a set of available products with the price ranges for each so you can easily figure out which camcorder deal gives you the best bang for your buck. You can also do your own [...]
  • Shop around (at both online and brick-and-mortar stores)
    Local electronics stores like Best Buy, or big name retailers like Walmart or Costco are good places to start for checking out cameras and camcorders. This can give you a feel for what you like and allow you to actually pick up and play with some [...]
  • Buy an older model camcorder
    To get a great quality camcorder at a lower price, wait until a new model is released and buy the older model. It should be on sale or even clearance.
  • Buy a used camcorder
    If you're willing to buy used, check out eBay. Besides finding good prices, you might also find convenient and exciting packages. For example, a seller might be offering a camcorder plus an extra battery, travel case and a tripod, all for a [...]
  • Smaller LCD viewers cost less money
    Most LCD viewers measure 2½ inches on the diagonal which will be fine for most consumers. A larger LCD view can add $100 or more to the price of the camcorder, so choose wisely.
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