Before you dig in to find all the best ways to save money on camcorders, be sure to read LOZO's general tips for saving money on Electronics. That section covers broader topics such as comparison shopping, product reviews, finding great deals and more. If you're looking for specific tips to save money on camcorders, though, this is the place to be.


  • Shopping for a Camcorder "In this video, we'll cover key camcorder features, so you have the info you need to start shopping. Get the scoop on standard vs. high definition models, plus the pros and cons of each format."
  • Shopping for Camcorders "Tech guru David Pogue gives advice on buying a digital camcorder."
  • How to Buy a Camcorder "Not all camcorders are created equal. This video will help you pick the right device for your videographic needs."
  • Camcorder Reviews "Which digital camcorders are must-haves? The answer depends on which type of camcorder you are looking for."
  • Camcorders Part 1 "What should you seek out and avoid when shopping for a camcorder?"
  • How to Choose a Digital Camcorder "When choosing a camcorder, consider what it will be used for and how much money one is willing to spend. Select between a small hand-held high definition camcorder or mini digital video camcorder with advice from a film director in this [...]
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