Choose a camera based on how you'll use it

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Prices for digital cameras range from under a hundred dollars up to several thousand which means there are plenty of options to consider. If you're planning to use the camera just for fun or to capture a few family moments here and there, you'll probably be fine with a simpler--and cheaper--point-and-shoot camera. If you're planning on doing more intensive work with it, however, you'll need something more expensive. For example: mega pixels determine the quality of the photo and how big you can enlarge it before it appears blurry (or "pixilated"). Most consumers are happy with 7 mega pixels, but an enthusiasts may want 10. Similarly, megabytes determine how many photos the camera can store. 32 megabytes stores about 200 photos, 128 megabytes stores about 400 and so on. The more storage, the higher the price. For more detailed information, read CNet's digital camera buying guide.

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posted by rogerthat (Contributor | 120 Points) on 03-05-2010 01:45 PM
Canon SD1200IS
We have the Canon SD1200IS and it's great, a lot better than the Olympus we had before. It's really small but takes good shots. Not too much in terms of advanced features but easy to use for basic photographers like us!
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