Before you dive in here to find the best ways to save money on cameras, be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Electronics. That section covers relevant topics like comparison shopping, product reviews, finding great deals and more. For specific tips to save money on cameras--whether you're buying a 35mm camera, a budget compact camera, or a high-end digital SLR (dSLR)--this is the place to start!


  • Always read these camera reviews before buying
    Be sure to read camera reviews so you'll understand the pros & cons of a particular camera and to give you an overall sense of what's available. For a professional assessment, visit CNet, ConsumerSearch, Consumer Reports, or Top Ten Reviews. For [...]
  • Choose a camera based on how you'll use it
    Prices for digital cameras range from under a hundred dollars up to several thousand which means there are plenty of options to consider. If you're planning to use the camera just for fun or to capture a few family moments here and there, you'll [...]
  • Choose camera accessories based on your budget & your primary needs
    Factor the essential accessories into your budget. Do you want a tripod? A carrying case? A larger memory card? Think about where you’ll be taking your camera and what you’ll need. If you don't need a particular accessory right now, don't buy [...]
  • Save money by using your old accessories with the new camera
    It's tempting to go for the "bundle" when buying a camera, but you'll often end up paying for accessories you'll seldom use. Bundles can often be misleading, since you'll be offered a big discount versus paying for each accessory individually. [...]
  • Use PriceGrabber or do your own price comparisons
    PriceGrabber is a great comparison shopping site for cameras (and just about anything else too). They'll show you a set of available products with the price ranges for each so you can easily figure out which camera deal gives you the best bang for [...]
  • Buy an older model of the camera you like
    To get a great quality camera at a lower price, wait until a new model is released and buy the older model. It should be on sale or even clearance.
  • Buy a used camera
    If you're willing to buy a used camera, check out eBay. Besides finding good prices, you might also find convenient and exciting packages. For example: a seller might be offering a camera plus a cleaning kit, another lens, memory card, travel case [...]
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