Regularly evaluate your cell phone plan to find savings opportunities

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Billshrink will analyze your cell phone bill or use information you provide to evaluate your plan, and give you personalized tips to save money.

Or, you can do it yourself! Each month, look at your cell phone bill and note the number of minutes used. If you are regularly going over or are way under the allotment, consider upgrading or downgrading. Also look at services you pay for, such as data, text or internet, to see if you can cancel any you don't use. Browse your provider's website for details about other plans, as most will let you switch plans while you are still under contract, as long as you remain with the company.

When your contract expires, shop around for a new one, or see what your current provider will do for you if you stay with them. And always make sure your contract includes unlimited nights and weekends, and do the bulk of your talking then.

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