Cell Phones & Plans

Whether you're trying to save money on buying a new phone, looking for the cell phone plan that gives you the best balance of value and cost, or trying to find ways to cut down your monthly cell phone bill...this is the section for you.

In addition to these specific cell phone tips, be sure to review our general tips for saving money on Electronics, where we cover topics like comparison shopping, product reviews and more.


  • Cell Phone Finder
    CNET's interactive tool to find the right cell phone and plan based on the criteria that are most important to you
  • Cell Phone Plan Shopping shopping tool for selecting a cell phone plan, including new, prepaid and upgrade service options
  • Expert Cell Phone Reviews
    ConsumerSearch's product guides and reviews for all types of cell phones, organized by feature and by carrier
  • Cell Plan Analyzer (Billshrink)
    BillShrink's service recommendations and bill analyzer to provide recommendations on alternate wireless service plans, to save you money based on your current usage
  • Old Cell Phone Trade-in
    Gazelle's free quotes and program for selling back your used electronics, where they send you a box and pay for free shipping
  • Cell Minutes Monitor & Alert
    OverMyMinutes' free service to send you an email or text message when you are about to run out of minutes on your cell phone
  • Free Ringtones, Themes, Software and More
    M9's destination site for sharing and downloading free mobile phone content
  • Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Chooser computer-automated plan chooser to reveal the best cell phone plan for you based on your anticipated usage
  • Cell Phone Resource Center
    Wirefly's online store which is devoted to making cell phone and cell plan purchases easier, by offering plan comparisons that let you see if you’re getting competitive pricing and features
  • Cell Plan Exchange
    CellTradeUSA's matchmaking program to swap wireless phone contracts with other users
  • Cell Phone User Reviews
    Epinions' user reviews of cell phones by brand, model and carrier
  • Cell Plan Analyzer (Validas)
    Validas' wireless bill analyzer for personal, business and enterprise users to find alternate, cheaper plans based on your usage
  • Cell Phone Plan Finder Tool
    MyRatePlan's CellCalc tool to filter available cell plans and estimate your actual bill costs based on usage estimates
  • Cell Phone Forums
    Consumer Reports' forum on cell phones including discussions about the best phones, cell phone plans and accessories
  • Forums for Mobile Phones
    Howard Forums' terrific and comprehensive community discussions of all things mobile phones and plans, including discussions and resources
  • Buying Guides & Articles on Cell Phones
    Yahoo's collection of articles, reviews, tips and more to help you pick the right cell phone
  • Battery Finder
    RadioShack's search engine for finding a cell phone battery by device or battery model number
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