Cell Phones & Plans

Whether you're trying to save money on buying a new phone, looking for the cell phone plan that gives you the best balance of value and cost, or trying to find ways to cut down your monthly cell phone bill...this is the section for you.

In addition to these specific cell phone tips, be sure to review our general tips for saving money on Electronics, where we cover topics like comparison shopping, product reviews and more.


  • It's All Geek To Me: Cell Phone Tricks "Tech expert David Pogue explains some simple cell phone tricks to cut money and time."
  • Save Money on your Cell Phone Bill
    NBC Bay Area: "Use BillShrink to analyze your cell phone usage and stop paying the cell phone companies more than you need to."
  • Shrinking Cell Phone Fees "Watch this Money Talks video showing you how you can minimize the out-clause in your cell phone contract, and which carriers have the best deals."
  • It’s All Geek To Me: Cell Phone Shopping "Tech expert David Pogue exposes hidden charges from cell phone companies that consumers have to look for while shopping."
  • Buy a Camera Phone "Last year camera phones outsold digital cameras. Before you jump on the bandwagon, get a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a camera phone."
  • Buy a Cell Phone "Cell phones aren't just for making calls anymore. There are tons of great features available from built-in cameras to Web access. Find out what's available."
  • How to Buy a Cell Phone Without Purchasing a Plan " Buy a cell phone without a plan from any store that sells cell phones, but be prepared to pay more for a phone with no commitment. Avoid binding yourself to a cell phone contract when purchasing a new phone by using tips from the manager [...]
  • How to Unlock a Cell Phone "Unlock a cell phone to use a different service provider by obtaining the special access code for the phone or contacting a specialty cell phone unlock shop. To unlock a cell phone keypad, find the correct button or key combination on the [...]
  • Getting The Right Cell Phone For My Needs "What factors should I consider when choosing a cell phone?"
  • How to Buy Cell Phone Service
    From Ben Bunag at "Buy cell phone service by researching the plans and costs of different service providers, and then visiting a store to sign up for a two-year contract. Consider getting a prepaid phone instead of signing a cell phone [...]
  • How to Get Out of a Cell Phone Contract
    From Geordie Andulakis at "Get out of a cell phone contract by paying the cancellation fee of the amount left on the contract or by proving that there is no coverage in your area. Provide the cell phone service provided with a bill [...]
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