Use free internet (or get it for less)

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Free Wi-Fi is pretty plentiful these days. Mobile carriers are rolling out more and more free coverage in order to relieve the burden on their cell phone networks. Local restaurants and coffee shops are offering service so you'll stay longer (and order more). Towns are providing access in public areas. The upshot is that you might already find yourself in a free zone!

Depending on your internet usage, ask yourself: do I need to pay for it or can I get by with the free wireless hotspots that are readily available? WiFi FreeSpot provides a state-by-state listing of locations near you that offer free Wi-Fi.

There are some limitations with free service, in particular that it lacks the same level of security that can you get in your home. Speeds might vary and can slow down during peak times. But at a price of "free", you might be able to overcome those issues!

If you don't think a free Wi-Fi spot will meet your needs, consider one of the following options for cheaper service:
  • Keep some service at home but downgrade to a minimal speed (and cost). This way you can switch onto the slower home network when you need the security, or jump on the faster public network for basic web surfing.
  • "Tether" your home computer to your smartphone. If you already subscribe to a mobile broadband plan, or if you have unlimited data on your smartphone, then consider "tethering" to your home computer to share the connection. Just check with your carrier to see if there's an additional monthly charge for this service (often there is, but it might still be a lot cheaper than a separate access plan).
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