Internet Service

Get the LOZO on how to save on high speed internet such as DSL, cable, or FIOS. You'll find the very best tips and advice for getting faster speeds for less cash.

And don't stop at just cutting your internet service costs... check out our great guide to lowering your monthly expenses and you'll learn how to cut back on everything from your cell phone bill to your water bill and more!


  • Stick with cheap domain name registrations
    Domain prices are sold wholesale by Verisign ($6.86 as of July 1, 2010) and then a 25 cent ICANN fee is added on. Since you can't buy directly from Verisign, you'll have to buy from a reseller.

    There are countless companies who offer [...]
  • Use free internet (or get it for less)
    Free Wi-Fi is pretty plentiful these days. Mobile carriers are rolling out more and more free coverage in order to relieve the burden on their cell phone networks. Local restaurants and coffee shops are offering service so you'll stay longer [...]
  • Comparison shop
    Compare vendor prices, services, hardware and installation before making a final decision. Unless you live in a very rural area, you should have multiple internet service providers and package options to choose from. Compare rates to find the [...]
  • Consider downgrading your internet speed
    A dial-up connection will be much slower than either fiber optics, cable or DSL, but if you're only a casual internet user, it might be sufficient and will be the cheapest option by far. If you like your high speed connection but don't do a lot of [...]
  • Call your provider and haggle for a better price
    We've said it before, we'll say it again: it never hurts to ask. Internet providers face a lot of competition. If you say you're considering moving to another provider, they may offer you a promotional deal to keep you.
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