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Save money on new and used laptops. First be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Computers, covering relevant topics like comparison shopping, reviews, deals, coupons and more. Then review the very best advice here for finding the latest discounts on netbooks and notebooks. Learn how to get more of the features you want, for less.





  • It's important to to read laptop reviews so you'll understand the pros & cons of a particular model or brand. However it's tricky to find reliable reviews, since many came from paid shills. LOZO...
  • Many manufacturers repair (or 'refurbish') used or slightly damaged laptops so they can re-sell them. This allows you to buy a high quality laptop at a substantially lower cost than a brand new...

  • Now that many homes have multiple PCs - desktops, laptops, netbooks - it's getting very expensive to try to upgrade a whole household.  That's where family discounts come in. Anti-virus...
  • Keep in mind that features (and pricing) can vary significantly in laptops, but spending more can be a waste if you don't have any real need for the upgraded features. For most casual users, a basic...

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