Beware of the cost per page before you buy a printer

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Before buying a printer, find out the price of ink cartridges and how many pages a cartridge will print. While the printer is a one-time purchase, you'll be buying ink for years to come. The American Consumer Institute found that the cost of printer ink can be 10 times the cost of the printer, over the life of the printer! This means that while a cheap printer may save money in the short-term, it can be a long-term drain especially if it uses more ink than necessary to get the job done. Examine different printers to determine which one in your price range has the lowest cost per page (CPP). If the CPP is not provided, you can easily estimate it yourself: take the cost of a new toner or ink cartridge and divide by the page "yield" for that cartridge (you can find that information usually on the ink package, or check the company's website (for example here is HP's page yield search). So if a cartridge like this one costs $29 and yields 330 color graphics pages, then your cost per page is $29 / 330 = 8.8 cents per page.

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