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LOZO has the very best advice on how to save money on a new or used printer, Wi-Fi networking equipment, and more. First be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Electronics & Computers, covering reviews, deals, coupons and more.. Then follow our expert strategies to cut your ink and other printing costs. Learn to be a smart shopper for all types of computer accessories.


  • Lowest RAM Memory Prices - Tracking Service
    PriceWatch's price tracking service for all types of RAM for PCs and Macs. They provide a memory advisor tool so you can figure out what type of RAM you need for your computer. They search many different retailers and provide options, sorted by [...]
  • Printer Finder
    CNET's interactive tool to find the right printer for your needs
  • Forums on Printers
    Consumer Reports' forums on printers include discussions on a range of topics about printers and other computer accessories
  • Printer Expert Reviews
    ConsumerSearch's collection of reviews on a range of printers, from photo printers to laser to multifunction machines
  • Printer User Reviews
    Epinions' "unbiased reviews by real people" so you can hear first hand about products by the people who are buying & using them
  • Printer Reviews, Articles, Buying Guides and More
    Yahoo Shopping's list of articles, reviews and buying guides for printers
  • Printer Buying Guide
    Fry's buying guide for printers outlining the most basic types of printers and the various points you should consider before buying one
  • Ink & Toner Finder (Costco)
    Costco's tool to find ink or toner for a printer by brand, series, and model
  • Ink & Toner Finder (Amazon)
    Amazon's tool to find ink or toner for a printer by brand, series, and model
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