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LOZO has the very best advice on how to save money on a new or used printer, Wi-Fi networking equipment, and more. First be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Electronics & Computers, covering reviews, deals, coupons and more.. Then follow our expert strategies to cut your ink and other printing costs. Learn to be a smart shopper for all types of computer accessories.


  • Pay for what you need
    This is in our general tips about Electronics, but it's worth digging in a bit deeper with printers since they come with an array of options. First and foremost, consider the basics. If you're printing basic documents, you don't need an expensive [...]
  • Don't print your own photos
    Typically we expect to pay more to have a professional do work for us, instead of doing it ourselves. We expect to pay for the convenience or for a better quality job. So when it comes to printing photos from your digital camera, you might be [...]
  • Get a package deal
    Companies selling computers often offer deals on accompanying printers. This is a great way to get a cheap--or even free--printer. If you already own a computer, see if you can get a deal on any of the printer's accessories or get an overall better [...]
  • Ignore "out of ink" warnings
    PC World found that most printers show "out of ink" warnings well before the ink cartridge is actually out of ink. In some cases, cartridges still had up to 45% of their ink remaining. This is still a good warning sign that you should buy a new ink [...]
  • Check the cartridge before throwing it out
    Even if the cartridge appears to be out of ink...check it. First, give it a little shake. Yes, believe it or not, a gentle shake can more evenly redistribute the ink in the cartridge, providing a longer life. Second, check for clogs. Run a moist [...]
  • Save ink by avoiding bold fonts
    Thin and non-bolded fonts require less ink to print. By sticking to these standard fonts--and avoiding bold and thick fonts--you'll use less ink and prolong your ink cartridge's life. Standard fonts like Arial and Courier are good standbys.
  • Optimize your printer settings to use less ink & paper
    Default settings on printers are not set up to save you money. Rather than going through all that ink and paper (and dollars), change a few of the settings. To save money on ink: change the print quality to "draft" and the color setting to "print in [...]
  • Have different printers for different needs
    If you print a lot of photos and a lot of standard documents, get two different printers. This allows you to print photos from the higher-end color printer and the more run-of-the-mill documents from a more economical black and white printer.
  • Beware of the cost per page before you buy a┬áprinter
    Before buying a printer, find out the price of ink cartridges and how many pages a cartridge will print. While the printer is a one-time purchase, you'll be buying ink for years to come. The American Consumer Institute found that the cost of printer [...]
  • Store ink cartridges properly
    Keep un-used ink cartridges in their original packaging and in a cool, dry place. This will prolong their life, usually up to a couple of years depending on the brand.
  • Recycle cartridges for a discount
    Drop off used ink cartridges at office supply retailers such as OfficeMax, Office Depot and Staples and they'll give you store credit toward a new cartridge. Be sure to check with the retailer beforehand since this offer may not be permanent.
  • Buy re-manufactured ink cartridges
    Re-manufactured ink cartridges can be more than half off the original price. Generally, these are cartridges that were returned or defective in some minor way, but have now been professionally re-furbished.,, and [...]
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