Get the LOZO on how to save money on a TV. First be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Electronics, covering relevant topics like comparison shopping, reviews, deals, coupons and more. Check our expert advice and buying guides below to decide which features are worth spending extra dough. Compare the latest LED screens with widescreen LCD, plasma, and CRT options.





  • The higher the resolution of a TV, the greater the cost. However, only larger screen TVs benefit from the best resolutions. For example: on a 32" screen TV, most people won't be able to see the...
  • Small screen TVs save you money in two key ways: 1. the initial cost of the TV will be less and 2. your ongoing monthly electric bill will be lower. As an added perk, since they use less electricity,...
  • Plasma screens cost more than LCD TVs or rear-projections TVs both in the initial cost and in your ongoing electric bills since they eat up more energy. For example: a typical 52-inch LCD TV uses...
  • Remember that with TVs, the final cost is likely to include more than just the cost of the TV itself. You may also need audio/video cables, additional speakers, a DVD player, a new TV stand or...

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