Get the LOZO on how to save money on a TV. First be sure to review the general tips for saving money on Electronics, covering relevant topics like comparison shopping, reviews, deals, coupons and more. Check our expert advice and buying guides below to decide which features are worth spending extra dough. Compare the latest LED screens with widescreen LCD, plasma, and CRT options.


  • Choose and Buy a Television "Are you in the market for a new television? Before you pull out your credit card, we'll help you sort through the lingo, from HDTV to LCD, and find the best television to fit your needs."
  • What You Need to Get HDTV " In this easy-to-follow video, we'll explain how to get a high definition picture on your HDTV — from choosing the right gear, to making the right connections."
  • LCD vs. Plasma "LCD and plasma are the two most popular TV technologies. Learn about the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one's best for you."
  • Choosing an HDTV "Confused by HDTV specs and lingo? Get a grip on the key features to consider when choosing an HDTV, including screen size, TV type, resolution, and contrast ratio."
  • Internet-ready TVs "More and more HDTVs can access online content. Learn about what you need to get connected, as well as what you can expect from today's Internet-ready TVs."
  • HDTV Resolution "720p, 1080i, 1080p — HDTV resolution can seem like a confusing numbers game. Find out what the numbers mean for your HDTV and high-def video sources."
  • High Definition vs. Enhanced Definition "It's a battle between high definition and enhanced definition. Which is the best choice for you? Theo Kalomirakis from Discovery's "Digital Home" reviews the two in this clip."
  • High Definition Explained "Understanding the difference between 1080i, 720p, and 1080p is very important when purchasing an HD television or monitor. Learn about what all the numbers and letters mean in this episode of Technology Evangelist."
  • How Buying a LCD TV Works "With all the options available, buying a new television can be confusing. Learn more about LCD TV in this HowStuffWorks video."
  • How to fine tune your HDTV "Straight out of the box, your high definition television might not be showing off its best picture quality. We show you how to tweak on-board color, brightness, and contrast settings and we point out a couple of tools for more [...]
  • TV Contrast Ratio "Learn about contrast ratio — what it means for a TV's picture quality, and how to use contrast ratio numbers when comparing TVs."
  • 120Hz and 240Hz Refresh Rates "In this video, we'll explain 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates — what they mean for an LCD TV's performance, and how to decide if you need a set with a faster refresh rate."
  • Wall-mounting Your Flat-panel TV — The Basics "We'll cover the key things to consider before you get started, and show you the basic steps involved in wall-mounting a flat-panel set."
  • TV Screen Size "Your TV's screen size should depend on how far you sit from it, as well as what you watch on it. In this short video, we'll share some simple pointers to help you figure out the optimum screen size for your room."
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