Trade-in old games for credit or cash

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Top retailers like, EB Games and Amazon will give you cash or credit for games you no longer want, usually between $5 and $30. Of course the newer the game, the more you'll get for it, but you can usually get something even for older games. Amazon covers the cost of shipping and usually offers a slightly better trade-in value, but you don't get the immediate gratification you'll get at GameStop or another brick-and-mortar retailer.

Used games generally don't have a very high resale value, but selling them is better than them taking up space on a shelf. Some stores like and EB Games allow trade-ins on used games for store credit. At one time, EB Games had a trade-in promotion where customers could trade in any 3 GameCube, X-Box or Playstation 2 games and get 1 free - that's good value. For a "gotta-have-it" new game, try to beat it quickly then re-sell it on Amazon or eBay to try to recoup some of that money.

We recommend stopping by your local Gamestop or Blockbuster to see what they'll offer for your stash. Then head to Amazon to compare their trade-in prices. On many games Amazon offers the highest price, and pays out with an Amazon gift card valid on anything (not just games).

Always check the latest trade-in promotions which may offer extra cash for trading in a certain number of games.  If you planned to trade in 2 but can get $10 bonus for the third, it might make the extra trade-in worthwhile.

Sometime you can even turn used video games into a money maker
! Every once in a while you'll find a huge bargain on a used game and sell it back for more than you paid. Check garage sales, flea markets, and eBay for these types of scores. Plus, during big holiday sales you might even be able to pick up a brand new game for less than it's buyback price. That's money in the bank!

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