Look for package discounts - but be sure it's really a discount

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Packaging a hotel stay with amusement park tickets can offer big savings, but be sure to compare against the price of buying each individually (keeping in mind any coupons you would use). For example: Sea World has offered a "Kids Free" package, which includes free hotel stay and admission for kids under 9. Check out for Disney World and other Orlando packages. Additional perks include complimentary shuttles offered by many hotels to and from the park, letting visitors avoid parking fees. However steer clear of "add on" tickets when booking your hotel, where you can pre-buy your admissions. Generally you will pay the full fare park rate this way which means you lose the chance to take advantage of coupons and discounts which are usually abundant. If you are not sure if you are getting a good deal, check the hotel rate with and without the tickets. Call the park or visit their website and figure out what the ticket will cost with your coupon. Add that to the hotel costs and see which comes out cheaper.

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