Save money on park tickets with multi-day or season passes

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Season passes offer great value for amusement park fans, and often pay for themselves in just 2-3 visits. Some season passes also include freebies and extras. For example: For 2010, Six Flags Great Adventure's Season Pass is $70, just $10 more than their "Play Pass", and includes four free tickets for friends and discounts inside the park. If you are buying passes for the whole family and you will be visiting the park together, consider upgrading just 1 ticket to a VIP status for free parking (if offered), that way the entire car parks for free but you only have to pay the higher ticket price once. If you are not sure whether you or your kids will like the park, ask if they offer an "upgrade" option where you buy your ticket and still have a chance to convert it to a season pass in the same day without losing any money in the process.

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