Amusement Parks

Get the LOZO on how to save money on your next trip to your favorite amusement park. Save on park admission to places like Six Flags, Disney, Universal Studios, Cedar Point and more.


  • Save money on park tickets with multi-day or season passes
    Season passes offer great value for amusement park fans, and often pay for themselves in just 2-3 visits. Some season passes also include freebies and extras. For example: For 2010, Six Flags Great Adventure's Season Pass is $70, just $10 more than [...]
  • Secure amusement park discounts with AAA, AARP, club memberships and more
    Members of AAA and AARP are not the only lucky ones who can get discounted amusement park tickets. Some parks also offer reduced admission rates for students, military and members of discount warehouse clubs like Sam's or Costco. Even the employees [...]
  • Score a discount if you are in-state
    Many amusement parks offer reduced rates for in-state residents. For example, California and Florida residents can enjoy discounts at Disney, while residents of Virginia can enjoy Busch Gardens Williamsburg special offers, like Spring and Summer use [...]
  • Save money on park food by bringing your own
    Bringing enough snacks for the day is a smart way to economize an amusement park visit. Food for purchase inside the parks are always overpriced, but most parks allow snacks provided you stick to approved containers (check the park's website for [...]
  • Save up to 35% on amusement park tickets by purchasing online
    Most amusement parks sell tickets online, often for a significantly cheaper price. Deals are always changing but here are some recent offers: Universal Studios 2 days for the price of 1; SeaWorld 7-day pass for the price of 1;
  • Look for package discounts - but be sure it's really a discount
    Packaging a hotel stay with amusement park tickets can offer big savings, but be sure to compare against the price of buying each individually (keeping in mind any coupons you would use). For example: Sea World has offered a "Kids Free" package, [...]
  • Go with a group to save
    Group discounts are a great way to save on amusement park entry. Bring more friends, neighbors or family and save more money. One example: Hersey Park in Pennsylvania offers a 40% discount for groups over 20. Check online or call a park's promotion [...]
  • Ask the theme park's promotions department for specials
    In addition to checking the park's website, call the promotions department to find out their current and upcoming promotions and discounts. They can also provide information on special activities during certain times of the year.
  • Active military and their dependents receive free entry to Busch amusement parks
    Active military and National Guard members and up to three dependents can gain free entry to any Busch Gardens, Sea World or Sesame Place parks, once per year. Just preregister at or show a Department of Defense ID at the gate.
  • Be creative to save on amusement park parking
    Amusement park parking rates can be $10 or more so it's worth trying to save. Consider a carpool if you are going with another family. Check if a local hotel offers a free shuttle, or if there is free street parking nearby. Some season passes [...]
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